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Remote Controlled Car Alarm With Engine Immobiliser

The Rhino GA is a compact All-In-One design car alarm with doors, boot and bonnet protection and a single engine immobilisation circuit. It also features central locking outputs for remote keyless entry connection and visual arm / disarm confirmation via your indicators.

- 2 x compact size remote controls
- Engine immobiliser via external relay (included)
- Can protect doors, boot and bonnet
- 2 stage (Pre Warning) car body impact sensor
- Alarm trigger memory

Backup Battery Car Alarm & Immobiliser

The Rhino GTR is a well featured mid-level car alarm and engine immobiliser. It is a popular choice for budget minded owners looking for most standard alarm features plus connection to their existing central locking and electric boot for keyless entry. The compact size siren is easy to install in cramped engine bays.

- 2 x Compact size remote controls
- 1 point engine immobilisation (onboard)
- Can protect doors, boot and bonnet
- Car body impact sensor

GTS 12 Volt Backup Battery Car Alarm With 2 Point Immobiliser

The Rhino GTS is a highly featured mid-level car alarm and engine immobiliser. It features code hopping remote technology, a full size backup battery siren and numerous programmable features. The two onboard engine immobilisation relays can be used to cut both your starter motor and fuel pump.

- Backup battery siren
- 2 x Code Hopping remote controls
- 2 stage car body impact sensor
- 2 point engine immobilisation (on board relays)
- Protects doors, boot and bonnet
- Central locking

Australian Standards Approved Car Alarm & 3 Point Engine Immobiliser

The Rhino RAV2 is our premier Australian Standards Approved model and features a number of unique security and convenience functions found no where else. It is recommended for all high theft-risk vehicles.

- Australian standards approved (AS3749.1:2003 Class A)
- Three point engine immobilisation (onboard relays)
- Code Hopping remote technology
- Auto immobilise (passive arming)
- All points of entry alarm protection (doors, boot, bonnet)
- Audio discriminating glass break sensors

Australian Standards Approved Upgrade Car Alarm & Immobiliser With Wireless Keypad

Unfortunately, large numbers of high-risk vehicles are now being stolen by thieves gaining access to the owner's car keys. With the RAKP, even if your car keys are stolen (including possibly your factory remote control) the RAKP can not be disarmed without entering your chosen PIN number. The Rhino RAKP is a variant of the RA Model and is designed primarily for use in modern high theft-risk vehicles with factory remote controls.

Car Alarm & Immobiliser With 2-Way GSM Mobile Communication via SMS Text Messaging

The Rhino Model RAM is arguably the world's most advanced car alarm system. This system enables 2-way communication between you and your vehicle via a GSM mobile phone. The RAM is a high specification, all-in-one car alarm and immobiliser, with GSM mobile phone communication via SMS Text Messaging (SIM card required).

- 2/3 Point engine immobilisation (2 Onboard Relays & Output)
- Battery backup siren
- Code Hopping remote technology
- All points of entry protection (Doors, Boot, Bonnet)

Remote Keyless Entry & Basic Immobiliser System

This product can be used to remote control your existing car central locking and electronic boot release. It has indicator flash outputs and includes a single engine immobilisation circuit. The RCXI can also be used for remote controlling your garage door, home alarm system, or your electric gate.

- Adds remote controlled functionality to existing key operated central locking
- Remote Code Hopping technology
- Operating range of approximately 80 metres

Australian Standards Approved Remote Control 2 Point Engine Immobiliser

The Rhino RES Engine Immobiliser is an Australian Standards Approved System and features passive arming, all black wiring and 2 engine immobilisation circuits. It also has a negative on alarm output on door and ignition activation to allow an optional siren to be connected for basic alarm function.

- Australian standards approved: AS/ NZS 4601:1999
- 2 point engine immobilisation (onboard relays)
- Code Hopping remote technology (anti-scanning, anti-code grabbing)
- Auto immobilisation system

JAG 12 Volt Australian Standards Approved Remote Control 3 Point Engine Immobiliser

The Rhino JAG is our top-of-the-range Engine Immobiliser and it's recommended for all high theft-risk vehicles. It is approved to the latest Australian Standard and features 3 onboard engine immobilisation relays plus all black wiring. The additional option of utilising the Rhino wireless keypad means maximum protection for your vehicle.

- Australian standards approved: AS / NZS 4601:1999 / amdt 1:2003
- Insurance approved including specialist insurers
- Three point engine immobilisation